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We simplify your search by connecting the right people with the right companies at the right time.


Hired exists for people actively looking for their next opportunity and companies actively hiring.

Algorithmic matching

Our machine-learning algorithms take the guesswork out of finding the right fit, and make smarter matches over time.

Human expertise

Our talent experts support both people and companies with unbiased advice, proprietary insights, and support.

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Full-time and contract opportunities for a modern workforce

  • Software engineering
  • Product
  • Design
  • Data Science

We're here to help everyone find a job they love

We believe the right person is out there for each opportunity. That’s why we’re reinventing the job search so both sides can find their match with confidence.


Finding a new job is tedious and stressful. Constantly applying to multiple positions, dumping resumes into a black hole with absolutely no feedback or any response for months. Working with Hired was pleasant & stress- free. Multiple companies that were a good fit for my skills and goals were looking to interview and hire me.

Dipika Mulchandani Software Engineer